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The Authenticity of the New Testament Part 1 by Dr Bill Cooper – This series on the reliability of the books of the Bible is proving very popular.
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Others were skeptical of Second and Third John, due to their private nature and limited circulation. Jude was doubted mainly because of its reference to an uninspired source , and Revelation, because certain "millennial" sects were using it perverting it to support false doctrine.

Personally and through His Apostles Jesus gave His followers many warnings concerning the future trials the church would face: 1 False Teachers who looked innocent: Matthew Yet in all these warnings, and many of them very specific, never does Jesus or any New Testament writer warn about a time when the Bible would not be complete, because someone had deleted certain books from it.

Authenticity of the Bible New Testament Books - Bart Ehrman vs Christian Apologists part 1/4

Yet if this situation was going to happen then it would be the worse possible scenario, and far more dangerous than all others combined, for as long as one has a perfect and complete New Testament any false teaching can be exposed and corrected, and one can always get back on track if they one loves the truth. But if whole books are missing from the Bible, then how does one repair that damage?

Another early list dated about the end of the second century, is that commonly called the 'Muratorian Fragment'--it evidently mentioned Matthew and Mark, because it refers to Luke as the third Gospel; then it mentions John, Acts, Paul's nine letters to churches and four to individuals, Jude, two Epistles of John, and the Apocalypse of John.

It adds that other letters circulating under Paul's name were not accepted by the Church. The Shepherd of Hermas is mentioned as worthy to be read i. Eusebius c. Athanasius in lays down the twenty-seven books of our New Testament as alone canonical; shortly afterwards Jerome and Augustine followed his example in the West. Bruce, pp. Paul warned us concerning false letters bearing his name 2 Thessalonians and that even some members would be drawn into myth and fable 2 Timothy What many of these books have in common is the desire to fill in the supposed gaps found in the biblical record, especially concerning the childhood of Jesus and the lives of the apostles.

One writer made the point that by just reading these books you can tell they are not Scripture. It doesn't take a genius to soon discover that such writings are uninspired. When John wrote his epistles, the error that he was vigorously opposing was the false teaching known as Gnosticism, which included the belief that Jesus really had not come really in the flesh 1 John ; Paul had also argued against such false teachings, especially in his letter to the Colossians Colossians ; Quite a stir was caused when the Gospel of Thomas was discovered in Upper Egypt in or , along with 48 other documents.

Bruce p. In distinction from the writings that fit in the above category, the documents that have been labeled "New Testament Apocrypha" contain writings that for a short period of time gained some form of acceptance among "Christians" who lived after the apostles. Bruce has some interesting details to share with us concerning some of these books: "They themselves recognize the superior authority of the apostolic writings.

Ignatius, author of seven epistles, says in his Epistle to the Romans 4. They were Apostles'. The 'Epistle of Barnabas' among other improbable fancies, tells us that the hyena changes its sex year by year. Clement of Rome, writing to the Corinthian Church about A. Instead of these books discrediting the New Testament, they are a witness to the authenticity of New Testament books. These writings were written between the years A.

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One writer summed up the situation with the following words, "Today no one would put in a plea for its recognition as Scripture Clement's letter to the Corinthians , yet from a historical point of view the Epistle has no little interest to us. In fact the Epistle to the Laodiceans is just a collection of Pauline phrases strung together without any definite connection or aim. Modern Day Forgeries. It is claimed that Jesus spent the years between thirteen and twenty-nine in India, Tibet, and Persia, and then returned to Palestine.

The monks at Tibet denied ever seeing Notovitch or knowing anything about the ancient MSS about Christ they allegedly showed to him. Concerning this view of the young adult life of Jesus I have the following questions: 1 Why didn't the people in Jesus' own hometown know about such supposed travels?

Mark 2 Why did the Son of God need to go to India to learn anything? The Lost Books of the Bible: This book, published in , is claimed by the publishers to include religious books deliberately kept out of the New Testament by the early bishops of the Church. What do these copies look like? They differ from the text of the King James Version only in details. It may be said in general that these earliest manuscripts show a text practically the same as that used in the American Revised Version.

Anyone can therefore test for himself approximately how much variation there is among these manuscripts by comparing these two versions.

Particularly interesting is the fact that it is extremely early, being written within thirty years of the original copy. A translation of it reads exactly like the American Revised Version. Laird Harris. Email Address.

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Add your personal message or comments here. A link to this page will automatically be included your email. The Bible Has Nothing To Hide The Bible itself mentions various books that did not end up in the collection of books which were viewed as inspired of God.

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Jesus and the Old Testament If any books had been deleted from the collection of Scripture that the Jews possessed, the coming of Jesus Christ into the world provided an excellent opportunity for God to set the record straight, yet Jesus never condemned or rebuked the Jews for not having the right number of books in their Old Testament. Pseudepigrapha: This is the name given to a number of false writings, written between the period of B.

Apocrypha: This title applies to a group of books, mainly written during the inter-testamental period. Popularity Doesn't Equal Inspiration Obviously popular but uninspired books still exist among Christians today. Pseudepigrapha "During the first few centuries, numerous books of a fanciful and heretical nature arose that are neither genuine nor valuable as a whole. Apocrypha In distinction from the writings that fit in the above category, the documents that have been labeled "New Testament Apocrypha" contain writings that for a short period of time gained some form of acceptance among "Christians" who lived after the apostles.

Alexandria, Egypt was known for instruction and philosophy. Alexandria was renowned for its library and was a center of learning in the centuries before the New Testament era. Alexandria was known to have received much of its thinking from Athens. Alexandria was immersed in the views of the pagans. Gnosticism is a complex religious and philosophical movement that started before Christianity and succeeded from about A.

The danger of Gnosticism is readily apparent. It denies the incarnation of God as the Son. In so doing, it rejects the true usefulness of the atonement since, if Jesus is not God, He could not atone for all of mankind; and we would still be lost in our sins. The First Mention principle, the idea is that God indicates the truth in His mind that will not change later on. The Law of First Mention means that the initial discussion of any subject in the Bible would have unusual significance.

1 Peter was written primarily for the benefit of Christians who were suffering from

Sometimes the first mention is negative and sometimes it is positive. We shall see what the Bible things of Alexandria, Egypt. That picture is to avoid any association with Egypt. We will look at all references to Alexandria.

Origin of the Bible: Part 1 – Uniquely Authentic

If you accept the Bible as your final authority in all matters of faith and practice, it would be wise to take particular note of what His word says about Egypt and Alexandria. In Deuteronomy 17 the future king was warned not to go to Egypt to buy horses but Solomon in direct disobedience to plain Bible teaching did so. The future king was also told to not multiply silver and gold to himself yet in the following two verses we find that Solomon did this as well. In fact, as we read in the following verse Solomon gathered to himself in one years time six hundred threescore and six talents of gold.

Warning bells going off yet? Unfortunately for Solomon that was far from the end of his disobedience.

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Let alone, 1, other wives. Not sure about you but I firmly believe one is plenty to take care of…. So what were the results of his disobedience? Verse four says that his wives turned his heart to other gods. Imagine, Solomon the wisest man to ever live because of his wives sacrifices his own children to Moloch.